Reaching for LeanGains’ Advanced Strength Goals

Long term goals….

Based on an entry found on, I’d like to ‘qualify’ for the strength level designated as ‘highly advanced.’ Berkhan states that reaching this level “falls in line with what could be considered the pinnacle of physique and strength development for most average and natural trainers.”

If I am capable of reaching this level, I don’t know how long I should expect it to take. For now, I’ll say I want to be there by 2015. To qualify, I’d need to complete all of lifts listed in the ‘Advanced’ column, as well as reach one lift in the elite column. Assuming my body weight is 170 lbs, here are the magic numbers. Body weight is abbreviated as ‘BW’:

Exercise  Multiplier  Advanced   Elite
Barbell Bench Press  BW x 1.5 (advanced) | BW x 1.8 (elite)  255 lbs  306 lbs
 Chin-ups BW x 1.5 /15 reps with BW | body weight x 1.8/20 reps (elite)  255 lbs or 15 reps x BW  306 lbs or 20 reps x BW
 Squats  BW x 2  | BW x 2.4 (elite)  340 lbs   408 lbs
 Deadlifts  BW x 2 | BW x 3 (elite)  425 lbs  505 lbs

I’ve highlighted the numbers that I have the most realistic shot of reaching. The toughest will be hitting the advanced squat level. I wouldn’t be surprised if I were able to eventually hit the elite lifts for Barbell Bench Press and Chin-ups &  possibly even Deadlifts. My squatting is so poor, I believe I will hit the elite level for deads before hitting the advanced level for squats.